During the months when we were thinking up the Voltmaker, one particular design appeared to us to be the obvious solution. In order to figure out what the best design of tomorrow's mechanical charger would be, we decided to base our work on the shape of the human hand. The tubular shape of the Voltmaker makes it perfectly ergonomic. A simple thrust of the hand is enough to activate the generator. We wanted the process to be effortless, single-handed and fun. The innovation lies in the gesture itself. We also wanted the Voltmaker to be multipurpose: it had to be operated by hand in cases of emergency but also recharged beforehand for the sake of comfort.

An optimized profile.

The Voltmaker uses kinetic energy to generate volts. Our main challenge was to ballast the moving part without drastically increasing the global weight of the Voltmaker (which is less than 300g / 10.6 ounces). The shape of the moving part has been designed in order to optimize the efficiency of the movement.

A generator, a battery, an electronic board... in a 15.5 cm/6.1'' long device

Each component has been carefully selected in order to optimize the Voltmaker's size and weight. When we were designing the Voltmaker, our main challenge was to think up a product that would include a generator, an electronic board and a battery while weighing as little and being as small as possible, in order for it to fit in one's pocket and to be carried around anywhere. While making a device that weighs under 300g/10.6 ounces and is only 15.5 cm/6.1'' long, the engineers from the Volt Makers have managed to equip the Voltmaker with the most cutting edge technology and the maximum functionality. This challenge has been met by choosing batteries that offer the highest energy density on the market and which are mounted on an electronic board which is only 36 mm in diameter.

A sleek design.

The Voltmaker's shell is covered by an anodized aluminum tube. This tube is a key a part of the Voltmaker's design, as it protects its electronic system and makes the whole device light and resistant.

The seals have been designed to prevent dust and water from penetrating into the Voltmaker.

Moreover, the Voltmaker may be screwed on a tripod (optional).