A smart device relying on open source software (GNU GPL license).

Each Voltmaker contains a microcontroller that intelligently manages the device in order to:

  • allow a computer to detect the Voltmaker when it is plugged in via USB, and thus supply its battery with 500 mA current instead of 100 mA current (making the charging process up to 5 times faster!).
  • manage the charging indicator LED according to the battery's status.
  • change the moving part's resistance according to its speed of rotation: the faster you spin it, the harder it becomes, allowing you to generate more energy. This feature has been made possible thanks to the management of the intensity read from the generator according to the speed of rotation.

  • The microcontroller also allows the Voltmaker to communicate with external devices. Our engineers are currently programming the microcontrollers to be able to retrieve the following data:
  • the voltage generated by the Voltmaker.
  • the current generated by the Voltmaker.

  • This data, after being passed on to an Android smartphone, will allow you to know how fast the Voltmaker is spinning, how much power is being generated ... and why not to control your telephone?

    This implies endless possibilities: the detection of add-on modules plugged in via USB to the Voltmaker, module management, etc.

    All our code will be released as free software, licensed under the GNU GPL, so that everyone can study and adapt the code according to his or her own needs.

Android apps to have fun while recharging your portable devices.

Why not use the Voltmaker to have fun?

Imagine an app for your Android smartphone to have fun while your portable device is being recharged.

Thanks to its microcontroller technology, the Voltmaker can communicate with you telephone while it's charging and become a video game controller! You want to customize your Voltmaker? With the microcontroller, you can choose which software is most adapted to your needs. Make the moving part spin quickly, slowly (if you want to develop your muscles) ... YOU decide, by downloading the program you want. These programs will shortly be available for Android smartphones.

A scalable product.

The Voltmaker is designed to be scalable. Additional modules can be plugged into it thanks to its ingenious USB interconnection system (a standard Type A female connector). These modules turn the Voltmaker into a different device. As of today, we have developed a flashlight module and our engineers are currently designing the modules of tomorrow: a radio, a laser, an emergency stroboscopic module, a water sterilizer…The possibilities are endless, in areas such as health or communication. Any extra low voltage device can be re-designed as a Voltmaker module.

You can even create your own module, power your Arduino... You decide!

Buying a Voltmaker is innovating for the future.