Power your electronic devices wherever and whenever you need to!

The Voltmaker is able to recharge any portable USB-capable device. It provides both the security of instant manual charging and the peace of mind of a backup battery. It can be transformed thanks to its add-on modules. Its electronic design makes it as smart as the devices it recharges.

One charger for all your devices.

The Voltmaker can recharge all your portable devices: your cell phone, your smartphone, your MP3 player, your camera, your camcorder, your GPS device, etc.

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Recharging your devices at any time.

Thanks to its hybrid charging system (by hand or from the mains), the Voltmaker can be recharged as a backup battery, beforehand using the mains or instantly with a few flicks of the wrist.

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An easy gesture.

The Voltmaker uses kinetic energy to generate volts. The shape of the moving part has been designed in order to optimize efficiency while making sure the product is nice and compact.

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A smart charger.

Each Voltmaker is equipped with a microcontroller that allows it to communicate with the devices plugged into it via USB and that makes sure that power management is handled in a smart and efficient way.

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An optimized design.

The Voltmaker is made of aluminum for the sake of robustness, comfort and elegance. Each component has been carefully designed in order to provide you with a small and light product.

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Upcoming apps.

The engineers from The Volt Makers have thought of everything! For example, they're working on games you'll be able to play while using your Voltmaker to recharge your devices. Thanks to its microcontroller technology, the Voltmaker can communicate with your Android smartphone and be used as a video game controller!

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